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Would it be difficult to but on-line I wonder?

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Monday 24 Jan Att. Luke

Hi Donna,
It must have been good. My web site had about 300 hits
in the last 2 days as opposed to a healthy 40 with a
sudden jump on Amazon.co.uk for the book - what that
means I dont actually know. I seem to be getting more
attention for the book in the UK. I thought originally
it would be more popular in the US. Goes to show
nothing is predictable. More and more I am letting go
of everything and saying to myself: let it all flow.
Being centered in oneself and sensing a calmness
without the need to push has got to be a good thing.

AbbotAngel at aol.com wrote:
HI Lee 
It was good this guy went to live in the tribe for a
month and had the ibo initaiation ceremony, really
Love Donna

Theres obviously a lot of cultural influence in the
experience. I would like to do an initiation down
there when the time is right.


lchristoffersen at hotmail.com wrote:
Hi Lee,
I taped the program last night. It was quite good.
They guy spends a month with living with the tribe so
we get a glimps at how they live and hunt. What we see
of the initiation is quite short, partially due to
secrecty. The visions could not be disclosed to the

I was suprised that it was actualy the guy who does
the program, Bruce Perry, going through the


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 --- Nick Sandberg <nick227 at tiscali.co.uk> wrote: 
> Just wondered if anyone saw this programme, screened
> earlier in the week on
> BBC 2 in the UK, and what they thought.
> Nick
> Tribe Ep 4/6
> 9.00-10.00pm BBC TWO
> Explorer Bruce Parry faces one of his toughest tests
> yet as he is inducted
> into Bwiti, a rainforest religion practised by the
> Babongo people of Gabon.
> He’s right to be worried – on occasion the ritual,
> which involves consuming
> an overdose of a powerful hallucinogenic, Iboga, has
> proved fatal. Tribe
> follows Bruce’s build-up to the ceremony, as he goes
> hunting, collecting
> forest honey and spends time getting to know his
> newfriends, before they
> judge the time is right for his “rebirthing” ritual.
> The drug, Bruce
> believes, acts on the areas of the brain where
> guiltand remorse lie buried,
> allowing people to see themselves as they really
> are, warts and all. His
> initiation starts as he is fed the tree root,
> prompting several hours of
> vomiting, said to purge the soul. His tongue is
> pricked with a needle to
> stimulate speech, while his Bwiti “father” feeds
> strips of the root to him,
> singing softly. Bruce’s recollection of the visions
> that follow include
> vivid memories of childhood, harsh recollections of
> people he had hurt, even
> inadvertently, throughout his life, and a sense of
> the Earth as a vast
> living organism in which everything is connected.
> The final phase of the
> journey sees the tribe dancing with fire and
> encouraging Bruce to make sense
> of the shapes he sees in the flames. After reviewing
> his visions, Bruce is
> determined to revisit a few people whose point of
> view he saw more clearly
> while under the influence of the drug, to apologise
> for any hurt he caused.
> Of his emotional experience with the tribe he says:
> “They have given me
> something so special, I shall take a piece of this
> village [with me]
> wherever I go for the rest of my life.”
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