[Ibogaine] cynicism and ibogaine

ekki ekkijdfg at gmx.de
Sat Jan 29 11:05:26 EST 2005

>  Personally, if Ekki wants to complain
> about the German government trying to fence addicts in, well, to me, 
> it's
> fair enough what they do. Freedom of speech and action is one thing, 
> but if
> you have to keep stuffing the world's most powerful painkiller into you
> day-in-day-out simply to maintain your perspective on the world, then I
> think it's fine the world pushes you to look deeper. I think it's 
> totally
> fine.

but nick, i DON´T DO HEROIN anymore. i came into direct contact with 
heroin just do days ago. i could have have some for free, but i didn´t 
do any. also i don´t smoke, drink or use other drugs anymore. so you 
think its ok to punish people who have already stopped by themselves? 
i´m actually trying to help others you want to quit.
anyway how can you constantly check, judge and evaluate other people? 
you won´t make the world a better place like this!

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