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Sat Jan 29 10:44:52 EST 2005

 --- Nick Sandberg <nick227 at tiscali.co.uk> wrote: 
 I do not agree that it is valid to
> administer a high-powered
> analgesic to oneself for a large portion of one's
> time on this planet,
> (unless this is a strategy agreed on by medical
> professionals with regard to
> the individual). My opinion is that this is a
> life-negating orientation and
> I oppose it. I believe that doing so emotionally
> disenfranchises the
> individual from society with overall deleterious
> effects on our planetary
> life. Even worse, it's a fucking drag. That's my
> position!
> with love
> Nick

That is your position, ok.  Glad I don't have to loose
anymore sleep over wondering what you think.

   Do you have the ability to be a non-therapist? 
What is it about the therapist/patient relationship
that you enjoy so much?

    Do you actually think "rehab" is in everyones best
                    That's funny Nick.

        Just because your web site kicks serious ass
doesn't mean you know whats best for people.  

  I don't know what's best for everyone, and I know
that.  Do you?

  If total absitinence is the only goal with Ibo, then
I feel we are really wasting its potential.  
   That conference back in November that Patrick
moderated was called Harm Reduction Conf.

If my memory serves correct, this is a heroin
maintence place too ;)

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