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>Same thing in these dialogues. Granted it's only a few people that respond
>but basically all I have said is that I support the German government in
>its moves to curb addiction and that sometimes I feel like dragging people
>out of their homes to participate in life a bit more. From this it's like,
>I'm a nazi or it's to do with the jews in the war or Christ knows what. To 
>to be honest, this is just the basic layer of resistance the psyche has to
>the idea of change. I see it when I'm doing therapist work all the time. 
>want to shoot me up with gear, well, so what, I could do with a bit more
>rest at times anyway. Preston's there shaking his head so much it's about
>to fall off or something, yeah well that's life.

Hi Nick,

Did you read Peter Cohen's writing in the HRC ibogaine roundtable report.  
Peter got dana quite upset but, I think his writing may be directed more at you. 
 What do you think of his thoughts?  http://www.doraweiner.org/aatod_hrc.html 
(see ibogaine roundtable review and the link to his full article from there 
if you wish).  It seems to me that over the years you have gone from a "world 
is doom" to a "world should be controlled" philosophy and that of course is not 
an unnatural course or events.  It is just that that control concept in the 
US with prohibition and our prison industrial complex gives me a lot of 
concern.  And I guess it is not just the US but, I am here.


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