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Sat Jan 29 07:34:04 EST 2005

Dear Julie,
Yep! my sleeping pattern is not very well, I use to wake up early without no
reason I miss sunday mornings sleep. But I feel happy. I started to feel
happy after Iboga (first time in my life) but sometimes I feel like I'm late
or I missed something that I don't know what it is. :))
I have to find a economical way to smoke joint without tobacoo because I
gived up smoking cigs also. There is very hard to find hush pipe in Turkey.
Do you have any idea that how can I find hush pipe and filters?
I want to mailing with you off the list. Could you give me another mail
address wich is working for my mails.

Best Regards

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> Hey FP,
> No, I didn't get them...weird...So glad to hear you're
> doing well.  How do you feel, overall?
> My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to either
> Mexico or Macchu Picchu...I love Latin America.  It's
> great to actually have money to spend on things other
> than dope, like travelling.
> How are your sleeping patterns?  Are they normal?  I'm
> still waking up in the middle of the night, for no
> apparent reason.
> Talk to you soon,
> Julie
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