[Ibogaine] ibogaine and scary fascism

Nick Sandberg nick227 at tiscali.co.uk
Sat Jan 29 07:05:56 EST 2005

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> > > Listen 'ere folks, Nick is alright.....a wee misdirected, but he will
> grow
> > > out of it.
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> > > The reason we all go grey when we age ....and evolve through personal
> > > experience...is because it helps us understand that there just
> > > aren't black
> > > and white answers anymore .......shades of grey.....different
> > > prespectives.
> > >
> > > I think someone should volunteer to go 'underground' and check out
> Nick's
> > > peace and love camp and report back to the group.
> > >
> > >                                               .......Ken
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> > >
> >
> > YES! This would be a great idea! How about you, Ken?
> >
> > Love
> >
> > Nick
> Thank you for the offer Nick, but I am afraid that I might be too
> disruptive. If I 'excorcised' my need to just yell and yell to cleanse
> myself (aka child's tantrum) I might just become so enthralled with the
> liberating feeling that I might feel the need to compliment the therapy by
> throttling some therapist.....just a therapeutic throttle of course....to
> free up the child within me.
> Your new age nazi attitude has obviously shaken up some of your
> peers here.
> I would have thought that iboga would have a calmed you. Obviously
> not....think about it Nick, you have to scream out loud like a 7 year old
> boy  and you want to force change on those who don't see things as you do.
> It looks like classic symptoms of severe arrested development ..to me.
> I admit that I do get a wee frustrated with the closed minded. I went
> through the recent '3 month war on drugs' in Thailand where 2300
> drug users
> were systematically rounded up and shot. Everyone was ratting on
> each other
> as they were in fear of their lives. People were ratting on straight folk
> who they just didn't like. The cops were put on a quota
> system...they had to
> capture/kill x number of suspects or they were fired. Thousands
> were rounded
> up and forced into army camp 'detox' centres...except the army
> did not know
> how to detox people....so they caged them until the folks were believed to
> be 'clean'.  This was just a year and a half ago Nick.
> I have a new word for you to meditate on.....................empathy.
> .....Ken

Ken, man, I am fine with empathy. But it is not the only tool in therapy.
There's come a point where, if you care, you have to not just sit by
empathising while people are destroying themselves. You can start to take a
position, this is also possible. This is what I am learning to do.

About Thailand, I did not know that this was happening. Can I ask you, is it
your position that you believe that in Europe and the US a simiar thing
would happen? Is that what you genuinely believe? If "Yes" then I think it's
fine you resist, if you are in genuine fear of your life. Who wouldn't.



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