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I'm  vegitarian, but  V is strict Vegan. She doesn't do any dairy at all, but 
doesn't seem to crave milk. She uses that Silk stuff sometimes, and she  
drinks Almond milk, Soy milk, and sometime even coconut milk, (and some  
other non-milk milks too) but no cow's milk.

Peace and  love,
Preston Peet

 I would like
to add that the first major decision I made
was becoming a vegetarian... and now finally
I am vegan...no milk cravings at all and if I do
accidentally eat something that was supposed
to be dairy free and yet somehow has cheese or
milk product in it I know immediately... my stomach
cannot handle it anymore. It's definitely a deconditioning
process-- and cheese now tastes rather awful. The more
you know, also, about the cattle industry the less likely
you are going back. I would recommend the original poster
starting out vegetarian and, if you would like to
try the vegan diet, slowly tapering off the dairy products over time.
I have noticed a lot of people who jump straight into it
 end up quitting it after a year...certain foods
can have a powerful hold over people. In my case I fasted
before I became vegetarian and I felt that worked nicely, however,
I would not recommend fasting for everyone.
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