[Ibogaine] ibogaine and scary fascism:Preston

Rachel Radhakrishna rachelradha at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 28 18:47:33 EST 2005

Me too.  But I just heard this lyrical line, "the
underground is a place for moving not for hiding."  Or
something like that.

If I were a provider, and a facilitator, and I had
limited resources, I'd want the spore effect:  maximum

Jeff's neck has spasmed and he wants numbness.  I
wonder which came first - the guillotine message or
the neck spasms?  I'm learning to respect the
collective consciousness of the Root Freaks.  Tree of
life indeedy.  But still, lots of stress around here. 
Codependence sucks.  

Personally I'm more worried about vampires and aliens
than the government, but maybe that's because I think
the public sphere of the collective consensus still
thrives.  It's shakedown street, but the city's got

No, no, maybe its just plain interdimensional
confusion.  I'm no adept.

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