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Fri Jan 28 13:57:49 EST 2005

--- The Garden <GardenRestaurant at comcast.net> wrote:

> Hi Carla !!
> You are right, I was grouchy :-)
> No, I don't have anybody in my familly who was or 
> is a junkie.Something is

Hi Francis, I didn't mean your family I was talking
about Nick's son or brother maybe being a little of
the motivation for his view how all drug addicts
should be forced to deal with their issues even if
they don't want to ;-) 

> little bet provocative in my E-mail and I don't
> realy want to apologize for
> this, even if I feel inconfortable with what I
> wrote. A lot of people are

Why would you apologise? That's the whole reason we
talk isn't it, if everyone had the same opinion we
wouldn't need to discuss anything.

> and maybe in front of
> theirs monitor reading this list that could means
> for them salvation .

That's one of the most cool things that has changed
here in the last years, it used to be more talking
about it but not it's people talk about it and then
you see the same people get ibogaine and see what
happens to them. Big change in the last years :-)

>        When , I read of a guy who is taking a five
> years sober medaillon in
> AA while shooting dope, that , honestly, pissed me
> up!!!

Me too! That always upset me at the meetings, finding
out the someone who is talking about all their years
of clean time isn't clean in the first place and then
months later the same person goes up and admits they
were lying about everything and gets another round of
applause. I stopped worrying about other people
because it didn't help me. 

Yes I know it isn't popular but I am one of the people
who does go to 12 step meetings once in a while. I
don't know what exactly it does for me but it does
something and once in a while I feel the need to go.
So I do :-) Most of all I think it remind me how glad
I am not to be stuck in addiction anymore and how
great it was to have ibogaine to get out of it :-) :-)

> We should take care of the newcomers and stop to
> sale ourselves out for
> small psycological gratification . Most of the
> contributors to the list are
> people who already had the gift of an Ibo experience
> but still romantized
> drugs  . I don't see the point......

Sound like a 12 step meeting again :-) war stories,
war stories, war stories. 

I don't even think this is a 12 step attitude, I think
it's being a person who did a lot of drugs. Everyone
talks about it and a lot of time it's hard to tell the
diference between how sorry they are or how proud they
are of their sins ;-) 

I think everyone who has ever done drugs and stopped,
does this. I haven't ever met anyone who didn't. If
there is some other way of dealing with it besides
repressing everything and pretending it never happened
I haven't figured it out.

> God bless Carla
> Francis

Thanks :-)


Carla B

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