[Ibogaine] ibogaine and scary fascism:Nick

jon jfreed1 at umbc.edu
Thu Jan 27 14:42:49 EST 2005

> I know it comforts you to make me out to be Hitler or something but
> actually
> all I'm saying is that I think addiction is a drag and that for
> governments
> to take a more pro-active stance against it is fine by me. There are now
> much better tools to fight opiate addiction available and it is my belief
> that it's fine to use them. Ibogaine detox backed up by 6 months in a
> therapeutic community rehab, I think it would be a great start.

well, i can't speak for other people, but i'm not making you out to be

but, saying that government should coerce people into "positive" change in
their lives IS periously close to what the nazis did to the jews, gypsies,
homosexuals, disabled, and other undesirables of their time. there is a
significant difference between saying government should provide the
necessary tools to address addiction and saying that they should coerce
people into getting "help". the prior is merciful, the latter is

which gets to the fundamental point, government has no business telling
anyone who isn't an active threat to other people how to live their lives.
any deviation from that begins a descent on the slippery slope of state
sponsered bigotry, which can often lead to state sponsered genocide.

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