[Ibogaine] ibogaine and scary fascism

....Ken chayco at island.net
Thu Jan 27 12:27:08 EST 2005

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From: "Nick Sandberg" <nick227 at tiscali.co.uk>
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> > Listen 'ere folks, Nick is alright.....a wee misdirected, but he will
> > out of it.
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> > The reason we all go grey when we age ....and evolve through personal
> > experience...is because it helps us understand that there just
> > aren't black
> > and white answers anymore .......shades of grey.....different
> > prespectives.
> >
> > I think someone should volunteer to go 'underground' and check out
> > peace and love camp and report back to the group.
> >
> >                                               .......Ken
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> >
> YES! This would be a great idea! How about you, Ken?
> Love
> Nick

Thank you for the offer Nick, but I am afraid that I might be too
disruptive. If I 'excorcised' my need to just yell and yell to cleanse
myself (aka child's tantrum) I might just become so enthralled with the
liberating feeling that I might feel the need to compliment the therapy by
throttling some therapist.....just a therapeutic throttle of course....to
free up the child within me.

Your new age nazi attitude has obviously shaken up some of your peers here.
I would have thought that iboga would have a calmed you. Obviously
not....think about it Nick, you have to scream out loud like a 7 year old
boy  and you want to force change on those who don't see things as you do.
It looks like classic symptoms of severe arrested development ..to me.

I admit that I do get a wee frustrated with the closed minded. I went
through the recent '3 month war on drugs' in Thailand where 2300 drug users
were systematically rounded up and shot. Everyone was ratting on each other
as they were in fear of their lives. People were ratting on straight folk
who they just didn't like. The cops were put on a quota system...they had to
capture/kill x number of suspects or they were fired. Thousands were rounded
up and forced into army camp 'detox' centres...except the army did not know
how to detox people....so they caged them until the folks were believed to
be 'clean'.  This was just a year and a half ago Nick.

I have a new word for you to meditate on.....................empathy.


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