[Ibogaine] Craving cow- J.

Ms Iboga ms_iboga at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 27 12:21:34 EST 2005

Hey J.

Craving cow/chicken isn't offensive- it's probably
your body's way of saying "get some gaddamned protein
and B-12 post haste, jerky..."  :)

The day after my Ibo detox, I had a really strong
craving for a chicken dinner- which is weird, seeing
as though I am mostly vegetarian.  I ordered Swiss
Chalet, and scarfed the whole thing.  And you know
what- it tasted f*cking fantastic.

My craving for crappy food was completely eliminated
for 5 full weeks- no junk, no ice cream, no greasy
McDicks, et cetera.

J., may I ask if you did the Indra extract?  I am
interested in trying some eventually.


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