[Ibogaine] ibogaine and scary fascism

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>Nick wrote >Then I thought about this dialogue for while, and whether I'm
>totally off for writing like this, and I realized I'm totally fine with
>If the German government wants to push addicts who are fucking up a bit
>harder, I think it's ok. That's my position.<
>And I still ask, so how do you feel about someone else who feels completely
>opposite to you forcing you, or pushing you towards their viewpoint by

>force? Is that cool too, or is it only cool to force other people to your
>viewpoint Nick?

Hi Preston,

Well, my viewpoint is that it's fine for governments to introduce humane
coercive measures to bring socially errant addicts towards therapy and meaningful
change in their lives, to push them a bit, basically. I guess the opposite
to this is that it's not fine to do it, which would seem to be the position
that you're taking. So, how do I feel about that, well, I feel OK about




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