[Ibogaine] ibogaine and scary fascism

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Thu Jan 27 05:27:15 EST 2005

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> >Get your shit together and do it. Heroin's days are
> numbered, man.<
> I'm not taking heroin.
> Though there have been a couple times over the last few years
> where I have
> relented and bought a bag or three, those times were extremely
> few and far
> between and are a while past now. Not a year yet, but over half at least,
> probably closer to nine months or so since last time I did that.
> >If you find
> these emails scarey then, fuck man, recognize that - you get scared by
> emails suggesting you're gonna be pushed into looking harder at
> yourself. It
> provokes a big reaction, look at that. You're an aware guy. Check it out.<
> You're missing the point Nick.
> The scary thing about your emails is that you seem to be serious,
> that you
> support forcing other people to submit to your views by force. This is
> mostly scary to me because I'm just now discovering this, and now I'm
> concerned because I don't know what I've divulged on list you may
> have read
> and will one day decide to rat me or someone else out over
> because you think
> it would do us good to have someone drag us out of our homes and teach us
> the better, or your way anyway. That's what scares me, not
> looking harder at
> myself. I don't have a single problem with that particular issue,
> of looking
> deep and hard within myself, and that you might think I do have
> issue with
> that is another thing that leaves me shaking my head, considering
> just how
> open I am and always have been about myself and my feelings and
> emotions on
> this list. The reaction is notr the looking inside myself, it's
> you thinking
> it's ok to force others to your way of living and thinking. That's a
> terrible way to go through life in my opinion, and I'm glad I'm
> not somehow
> under your control. That's a fate I am glad I've so far escaped
> and hope I
> continue to do so for a long, long time.

Hi Preston,

Yeah, well, personally, I had a nice scream and shout for 10 minutes this
morning. Then I thought about this dialogue for while, and whether I'm like
totally off for writing like this, and I realized I'm totally fine with it.
If the German government wants to push addicts who are fucking up a bit
harder, I think it's ok. That's my position.



> Peace and love,
> Preston
> "Madness is not enlightenment, but the search for enlightenment is often
> mistaken for madness"
> Richard Davenport-Hines

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