[Ibogaine] ibogaine and scary fascism

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Can anybody please give my a working address to get off this list???

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> >
> > So the prohibitionists are acting as agents of a higher world
> > conciousness.
> Unconsciously, yes!
> > Good to know that.
> > Granted heroin hasn't been around all that long, but still, opium
> > has and if
> > one does enough of it the effects are remarkably similar to heroin. Were
> > those who used it for the thousands upon thousands of years for so many
> > different reasons wrong after all? So if our use of this and other
> > substances was so wrong, how in the heck did we manage to evolve so far
> > along then?
> >
> Preston, man, you'll have to just wait and watch it all happen.
> Evolution is not a linear process, it goes on in leaps and bounds and it's
> starting to leap up a bit now. When I saw the response in Europe to the
> tsunami disaster it was obvious to me that stuff was really changing. When
> people who ten years ago couldn't give a shit start throwing their money
> to people they don't even know in that way you know consciousness is
> shifting gears. Yes, we experience life as being something that's
> to the personal me, but underneath that it's just consciousness and it's
> depersonalized. When it starts moving it just moves. The experience of
> having a personal identity shifts with it. That's how you get
> or pro-enforced-therapy movements. And when it starts to move like this
> there develops a huge subconscious craving for light, for awareness. What
> you see in Germany with the shifting attitude to addiction is just the
> beginning. And it's good! I mean, who wants to be a junkie forever, for
> fuck's sake?
> So, people want to be able to choose how they come off drugs? Fair enough,
> but choose now! Get your shit together and do it. Heroin's days are
> numbered, man. Maktab, it is written. And sealed with the seven seals and
> all that stuff. Give yourself a break and move away from it now. If you
> these emails scarey then, fuck man, recognize that - you get scared by
> emails suggesting you're gonna be pushed into looking harder at yourself.
> provokes a big reaction, look at that. You're an aware guy. Check it out.
> Love
> Nick

Gawd damn , I've been biting my tongue.

You folks should feel privledged to witness first hand the face of the 'new
age nazi movement'. Nick, I have to thank you for vindicating me in my
learned response to people who pass out their sanctimonious verbiage like
car salesmen.

Listen 'ere folks, Nick is alright.....a wee misdirected, but he will grow
out of it.

The reason we all go grey when we age ....and evolve through personal
experience...is because it helps us understand that there just aren't black
and white answers anymore .......shades of grey.....different prespectives.

I think someone should volunteer to go 'underground' and check out Nick's
peace and love camp and report back to the group.


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