Long 'article' on history of Ibogaine/Sub WDs???

Hannah Clay hannah.clay at ntlworld.com
Wed Jan 26 21:17:44 EST 2005


I came across this whilst looking for something completely different!  Its on a forum so I assume it's a post-may be worth checking out the actual forum?  I don't have time, just thought I'd post the link


I don't know if it's been shown before-it's got the Mash quote about leaving dying people in hotel rooms or whatever.  I'll definitely be checking the site out later anyway.  

I'm doing well and still clean. I don't really crave it either but then I've totally changed most of the group of people I hang out with.  Those who still use are good enough friends to keep it away from me.

Coming off Sub?  I dunno.  For me its been easy cutting down though I have noticed I've been getting headaches but that could be any number of things!  I know its controversial-some people say yes but alot say no (as to WDs).  As far as I'm (and this is only my very own observation) aware its relatively or just about painless.  I'm just finding it hard, not to cut down which was easy (and I did it fast) but to stop doing it altogether now I'm down to like 1 or 2mg a day.  I'm going to stabilise on 1mg asap per day and then do that 1mg every 2 days and stabilise, then every 3 and then I shouldn't feel a thing when I stop completely.  Its just the physical act of taking something every morning that I'm going to find hard to break.  I'm very prone to psychosomatic illnesses if I have the slightest excuse! ;-)

I'm thinking of switching to Naltrexone and trying to work up the cash to go to Sara's but it just isn't happening right now.  I'm having enough trouble finding my rent and don't ask about food!  I'm sure it will be there for me at the right time so I'm not worried.  When the pupil is ready the teacher will appear or whatever that quote is!

Oh I've got 700+ list emails now n never have time to go through them but the headings I keep seeing have me filled with curiosity!!!

Love, Happiness and Hugs to everyone,
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