[Ibogaine] ibogaine and scary fascism

jon jfreed1 at umbc.edu
Wed Jan 26 20:56:08 EST 2005

> So, people want to be able to choose how they come off drugs? Fair
> but choose now! Get your shit together and do it. Heroin's days are
numbered, man. Maktab, it is written. And sealed with the seven seals
> all that stuff. Give yourself a break and move away from it now. If you
> these emails scarey then, fuck man, recognize that - you get scared by
emails suggesting you're gonna be pushed into looking harder at
> It
> provokes a big reaction, look at that. You're an aware guy. Check it

my 2 cents...

heroin caused me a lot of misery to be certain, but i remain unconvinced
that heroin is "bad". i don't believe a substance can be bad in and of
itself; it's a matter of who is using the drug, and why. in many contexts,
heroin use is problematic, and often seriously so. but it's still a matter
of context. heroin certainly isn't devoid of benefits, if it was, nobody
would take it in the first place. at some point, the majority of heroin
users realise that the benefits are outweighed by the negative effects;
but, and this is the key point i think, that balance is different for
every individual. it is presumptuous to think that what seems right for
oneself is also right for everyone else.

i support encouraging people to develop a sense of clarity when they
approach this decisional balance, otherwise i wouldn't be going into
psychology.... but in the end, it's the individual's own perceptions that
matter. if someone believes they are better off on heroin, not only is
that their right as an autonomous individual, but it could very well be
true. being that they are the ones inhabiting their own bodies, they're in
the best position to know.

or, put more simply, one man's poison is another man's medicine...


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