[Ibogaine] I'm not going to eat any mashed potatoes from now on!!!!

Nick Sandberg nick227 at tiscali.co.uk
Wed Jan 26 18:36:26 EST 2005

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> now on!!!!
> Well, Babe, you didn't really Not say it.

OK, so if I haven't like categorically denied something then I've actually
said it? Ok, that sounds fair. I can go with that.

..and I have to say, you
> remind me
> of some people I know who have become born again christians.... and when I
> meditate, I should try calling on Jesus Christ.  And they think they're
> right. And then there's all these people out there with different view
> points and different healing modalities, and they say they're right, so I
> have to ask, who's right here?

Why, whoever shouts the loudest of course. That's God's way. Nick x

> So that's when I came to the realisation, there is no wrong and
> there is no
> right (cept when it comes to me, I'm always right even when I'm
> wrong.. blah
> blahblah)
> And I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.
> I can only hope and pray that when the fascists DO take over and
> force me to
> do things against my will (that's supposed to be FREE WILL) that I am in a
> place where I will be left alone.
> It's all a journey.... good and bad, the only reason I'm still here is I
> want to see what happens next.............(cue Jaws style music....)
> Wassa Intulleckyouall?
> Kirk :oP

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