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Nick wrote this and the other comments set aside like this >I'm sorry, but 
this just isn't my experience. A lot of people don't seem to have a clue 
what they actually need.<

LOL, but you do know what they need? Jesus christ Nick, take a breather, and 
please climb down off that horse I mentioned, you're making me laugh way too 
hard here in my secret-filled hovel of numbed out darkness.

>They just go round and round, and if they come past me I try to encourage 
>them to look deeper  in whatever way I can. I'm learning.<

Learning what, how better to force everyone around you to your way of 
thinking and being? I'm glad I don't live in your community Nick, really, I 
am. I'm very, very glad I can hold you at arms distance by email.

>I like people. I learn from people. And if someone is coming into my 
>vicinity who I think could benefit from useful feedback, then I give it. My 
>energy is pro-active, that's how I am.<

How can you learn from (or even like for that matter) people if you think 
certain people not living and thinking like you should be forced to do so 
against their will? What are you learning from them? Are you taking classes 
in the George Orwell School of Thought and Behavior Manipulation or 
oh, and before I forget:

>You don't want people poking their noses into your private little thought 
>processes! Why not? What are you hiding?<

Not unless I choose to share my private thought processes, no, I don't want 
anyone poking their freakin' noses in them without my permission, especially 
someone like yourself who is going to try and force me to not only change 
those processes but to change them to how they and they alone think my 
processes should be. And you sound exactly like those who support mandatory 
urine testing for anyone who wants a job or for any reason really- if you 
aren't guilty, what do you have to hide? I guess you wouldn't mind the cops 
coming in to your home and poking around any time they please, right Nick? I 
mean, you aren't committing any crimes, right? You shouldn't mind then. How 
about me? May I let myself in and poke around your private spaces Nick? 
Would you like me rumagging through your apartment, even if you aren't home? 
You aren't hiding anything, right? So it should be cool, right?
You're sounding scarier and scarier with each note in this thread Nick. 
Highly entertaining but scary as hell.
    Are you the one who used to be a methadone counselor? Or is that another 
Nick? Or am I misremembering the name of the former methadone counselor now 
in Arizona?

Peace and love,

"Madness is not enlightenment, but the search for enlightenment is often 
mistaken for madness"
Richard Davenport-Hines

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Hey Nick, I read a post where you wrote:

>>What about just being a general fucking drag, junkie or otherwise? I mean,
>>don't you agree it would be great to have some social laws for people who
>>don't want to participate in life? OK, it could be abused and Who make the
>>Rules Up and all that, but really I think some people should just be 
>>out of their homes and made to take part.

Are you serious that you think people should be forced out of their homes 
and then forced into doing things that other people feel they should do.
Yes! Where do you live?!
That sounds pretty serious. What if we only get one life and here is some 
jerk telling us what he thinks we should do to really get the most of it. I 
have to say that one of my pet peeves is nosy people who feel that they know 
what is best for everyone else. Being a drug addict it becomes pretty 
obvious that there is no shortage of people who get off hearing all the 
gritty details of your life a nd can't wait to feel that spiritual better 
than thouness when they take you by the hand and guide you through all that 
nastiness and bring you into the light. I have complete respect for people 
who spend time helping other people, but I think it is important that they 
don't try to force people into that help, because it won't work unless that 
person wants to be helped.
You don't want people poking their noses into your private little thought 
processes! Why not? What are you hiding?
 Also when you said you are anti-heroin, I would like to ask you why. 
Because it is so addictive and you think it ruins people's lives?
No, because I'm pro-awareness. Heroin's a painkiller, an analgesic. It numbs 
you out and blocks awareness, blocks development.
 Everything we take acts like a drug in our brains, from the food we eat to 
the air we breathe. Oxygen is probably the most addictive thing out there, 
but nobody thinks about trying to kick oxygen because our quality of life 
would be pretty shitty without it,
This is true
 and I truly believe that for some people, because of a chemical imbalance, 
pain reasons,  lack of awareness, chronic immaturity, laziness (just to give 
both sides) or whatever, that their quality of life with opiates is higher 
than without it. All in all it should be up to the individual, as long as 
they are not hurting any one else, to decide how they want to live their 
Well, I don't agree.  I think dragging people out of their homes is a far 
better option. Really, I mean it. Drag all those seedy little secrets that 
you don't want to reveal to the world out into daylight and get to recognize 
who you really are. Why not? Confront your fears! Show yourself! Give it!
 I've done a lot of things in my life that some people would have loved to 
have the control to stop me, but I am thankful that they couldn't because I 
got a lot from those things, more understanding about myself and what I 
wanted this life to be about. If you can't be in someone else's head you 
can't know what they want or need, so don't you think it would be better to 
let people come to their own conclusions,
I'm sorry, but this just isn't my experience. A lot of people don't seem to 
have a clue what they actually need. They're stuck in repetitive patterns in 
life, trying to maintain face and hold down feelings, desperate to cling to 
anything that doesn't theaten their image of themselves, few more so than 
addicts. They just go round and round, and if they come past me I try to 
encourage them to look deeper  in whatever way I can. I'm learning.
 and then, if you like to help people, wait until they decide what they want 
to change, and then help them, as opposed to forcing what you think is best 
for them upon them? You always seem so positive and up-beat that I think you 
are probably great at helping people, but from some of your posts I got the 
feeling that you could be a little forceful (the whole dragging people out 
of their homes thing). Of course it's hard to know what people are like from 
a few emails.
I like people. I learn from people. And if someone is coming into my 
vicinity who I think could benefit from useful feedback, then I give it. My 
energy is pro-active, that's how I am. About knowing how people are, for 
sure it's hard from emails. Emails are a bit limited generally but, still, 
something can happen!


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