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Let me shoot you up please.

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>                       Hey Nick, I read a post where
> you wrote:
>                       >>What about just being a
> general fucking drag, junkie
> or otherwise? I mean,
>                       >>don't you agree it would be
> great to have some
> social laws for people who
>                       >>don't want to participate in
> life? OK, it could be
> abused and Who make the
>                       >>Rules Up and all that, but
> really I think some
> people should just be dragged
>                       >>out of their homes and made
> to take part.
>                       Are you serious that you think
> people should be forced
> out of their homes and then forced into doing things
> that other people feel
> they should do.
>                       Yes! Where do you live?!
>                       That sounds pretty serious.
> What if we only get one
> life and here is some jerk telling us what he thinks
> we should do to really
> get the most of it. I have to say that one of my pet
> peeves is nosy people
> who feel that they know what is best for everyone
> else. Being a drug addict
> it becomes pretty obvious that there is no shortage
> of people who get off
> hearing all the gritty details of your life a nd
> can't wait to feel that
> spiritual better than thouness when they take you by
> the hand and guide you
> through all that nastiness and bring you into the
> light. I have complete
> respect for people who spend time helping other
> people, but I think it is
> important that they don't try to force people into
> that help, because it
> won't work unless that person wants to be helped.
>                       You don't want people poking
> their noses into your
> private little thought processes! Why not? What are
> you hiding?
>                        Also when you said you are
> anti-heroin, I would like
> to ask you why. Because it is so addictive and you
> think it ruins people's
> lives?
>                       No, because I'm pro-awareness.
> Heroin's a painkiller,
> an analgesic. It numbs you out and blocks awareness,
> blocks development.
>                        Everything we take acts like
> a drug in our brains,
> from the food we eat to the air we breathe. Oxygen
> is probably the most
> addictive thing out there, but nobody thinks about
> trying to kick oxygen
> because our quality of life would be pretty shitty
> without it,
>                       This is true
>                        and I truly believe that for
> some people, because of
> a chemical imbalance, pain reasons,  lack of
> awareness, chronic immaturity,
> laziness (just to give both sides) or whatever, that
> their quality of life
> with opiates is higher than without it. All in all
> it should be up to the
> individual, as long as they are not hurting any one
> else, to decide how they
> want to live their life.
>                       Well, I don't agree.  I think
> dragging people out of
> their homes is a far better option. Really, I mean
> it. Drag all those seedy
> little secrets that you don't want to reveal to the
> world out into daylight
> and get to recognize who you really are. Why not?
> Confront your fears! Show
> yourself! Give it!
>                        I've done a lot of things in
> my life that some people
> would have loved to have the control to stop me, but
> I am thankful that they
> couldn't because I got a lot from those things, more
> understanding about
> myself and what I wanted this life to be about. If
> you can't be in someone
> else's head you can't know what they want or need,
> so don't you think it
> would be better to let people come to their own
> conclusions,
>                       I'm sorry, but this just isn't
> my experience. A lot of
> people don't seem to have a clue what they actually
> need. They're stuck in
> repetitive patterns in life, trying to maintain face
> and hold down feelings,
> desperate to cling to anything that doesn't theaten
> their image of
> themselves, few more so than addicts. They just go
> round and round, and if
> they come past me I try to encourage them to look
> deeper  in whatever way I
> can. I'm learning.
>                        and then, if you like to help
> people, wait until they
> decide what they want to change, and then help them,
> as opposed to forcing
> what you think is best for them upon them? You
> always seem so positive and
> up-beat that I think you are probably great at
> helping people, but from some
> of your posts I got the feeling that you could be a
> little forceful (the
> whole dragging people out of their homes thing). Of
> course it's hard to know
> what people are like from a few emails.
>                       I like people. I learn from
> people. And if someone is
> coming into my vicinity who I think could benefit
> from useful feedback, then
> I give it. My energy is pro-active, that's how I am.
> About knowing how
> people are, for sure it's hard from emails. Emails
> are a bit limited
> generally but, still, something can happen!
>                       love
>                       Nick
>                       Laura
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