I'm going to stick my dick in the mashed potetoes

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Some Ibo Vids:

"stick mY dick in tha mashed potatoes" sound comes
from ISBN: 724382859925 Trk 3
 Fair Use Contact?
    Try http://capitalrecords.com/contact.htm
to see, I dunno.  
I figure they got it from someone else so Why Not?

  Nick,  I think the term "fencing in" comes across a
little threatening and sounds like coming from a
source that doesn't take it's own perspective with a
grain of salt.  (Umm..I do that too if you can't
already tell)

  I couldn't agree with "Hi Feds"Preston more re: it's
not as simple as heroin bad/ibogaine good, because,
well, it's just not.

  Some almost conclusions I have reached through My
Limited experience is Prohibition  of "drugs" (Ibo AND
Heroin too) caused/causes MUCH more damage then the
"drugs" themselves could ever cause.  Way More.  All
the way down to 
                Invoking Shame
Because they have some sort of self percieved moral
authority to invoke it.

In case you haven't noticed, Junkies don't like being
told what to do, just like non junkies.  

I like people to give me my options then let me

How am I not supposed to see this as scarry?:

"a fencing-in tool"

"I think some people should just be 
out of their homes and made to take part."

I couldn't disagree more with what is written here:
"I mean ibogaine IS 
basic principle of liberating consciousness - enclose

HOw can you use fencing-in and liberating
consciousness together like that, dat dunt muk scaunse
2 me mohn.
You mention treatment centers that do this, well ok.
If they were that sucessful at it we wouldn't be here
talking about Ibogaine.

People aren't bad people just because they eat
chocolate,  Same with Opiate users (moderate or
I have been "clean" <-- see even that term is loaded
with SHame, to imply that if not meeting some
determined (by who) formula that I am somehow
"unclean", can we say bRa1NwA$h1nG?
Anyways without Methadone or opiates for going on 2
years now.  I am Cynical as FUck, always have been.  I
don't think that just because I choose not to, that
everybody in the world has to stop too, again, not
taking own perspective with a grain of salt.
I don't think hugging/saying fuck off, fuzzy
feelings/resentful feeling, some oneiric Christ
experience, overanalysing or underanaylsing is NOT
required, each has different goals when taking ibo.

If I could be arrested and given my prescribed
medication I wouldn't think twice about getting on and
staying on for life, but that ain't how it is, so I

   Nick, I don't really have a problem with what you
are saying, I just think their may be a more workable
way to communicate what you are trying to get across,
that's all.

  "I like it when I can see the whole person,"
  You have to have trust first.  Making LOve and
Fucking are not the same thing.  If you want to see
the whole person...use the terms "ego" and "fencing
in" More More More, or not.


Ok enough of dat.

<tucking sheets ‘n bed>

May I hear the Blue Pearl Story Please?

                               [* *]
                              Sp^ce k0k0

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