[Ibogaine] cynicism and ibogaine

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> I have to ask then, if people with major pain problems shouldn't take
> opiates to help, then what should they do?  I've suffered pain....I've
> swallowed a lot of pills, opiate and non-opiate, I've meditated (trust me,
> unless you are a novice, it's bluddy hard when you're in pain,
> try doing it
> when you're hangin'), I've had reiki, I've learnt reiki.... massage is
> pretty bluddy amazing, but I can't afford it when I need it.....
> Which leaves??????????????????????????????????????????
> Pure smack!  Yehhhhhhh!!!  Addiction, yes, damage to other organs? No.
> Interested to hear what else there is..............
> Kirk

Hi Kirk,

If that's all you can do, then I guess that's all you can do. I've haven't
had the experience of being overwhelmed with pain all day long so bad I
couldn't release it, so I've no knowledge here. If you're in daily agony and
just can't function at all, then for sure, you're going to likely get into
painkillers. All I can talk about is my experience, which so far is that
pain seems to me to be an attempt by the body to expand. When you really
scream it the fuck out, and it can take a year or so to learn this, then the
body expands, physically and energetically, and it can support a level of
daily feeling that previously wasn't possible. I guess, if you do all this
and you're still in agony then painkillers would seem a pretty good option.

Hope this helps.



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