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> Hey Ken,
> Yes,..there are opium poppies growing in Tasmania.
> However I believe they are well fenced and gaurded
> to a certain degree. I have never seen them.
> Believe me when I say,..they have been talked about
> and thought about by many here in Oz over the years.
> I am sure you have seen more of your share of poppies
> and opium in Asia.
>                                  .......Jasen

In the past I certainly did, but the U.S./Thai poppy erradication program
was rather effective in the last decade.

I remember being in a dirt floor, bamboo house with a few 'hilltribe' chaps
sitting around the indoor campfire.
I asked this one Hmong fellow what is it like now that the government forces
them to grow cabbages instead of poppy. The Hmong say, " the women are
happy, there is more food, but for the men ....we have nothing."

Opium is quite overrated, there is a reason it is refined. Best actual 'den'
I had ever been in was in Hanoi, just after they opened the country to
outsiders. They had a more refined opium, strained and boiled to evaporate
off the moisture.


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