[Ibogaine] stick around mate.

Jasen Chamoun jasenhappy at optusnet.com.au
Tue Jan 25 20:00:57 EST 2005

Hey Ken,

Yes,..there are opium poppies growing in Tasmania.
However I believe they are well fenced and gaurded
to a certain degree. I have never seen them.

Believe me when I say,..they have been talked about
and thought about by many here in Oz over the years.

I am sure you have seen more of your share of poppies
and opium in Asia.


>> Hey Ken,
>> I also would like to see you stick around.
>> Watta ya reckon mate?
>>                          Jasen.
> Hello Jasen,
> I believe I will, thanks. At least I am now doing it willingly after 
> Vector
> wisely suggested that I follow the directions at the end of each post.
> Is it really true that there are huge 'licensed' poppy fields in Tasmania 
> ?
>                                     .......Ken

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