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>  Hey Ekki, Why do you have to take the concentration and IQ tests? Is 
> that kooky German government making all drug addicts register their IQ 
> or is it part of a therapy thing? Or do the reaction time and 
> concentration tests have to do with getting your license to drive 
> back? I just thought it was odd to have to take those, especially the 
> IQ test.
> It sounds like you have are dealing with a real pain in the ass.

oh yes, german government has a large database with the iq of every 
junky registered. the ones with high iq get reputable jobs in the 
fields of science and economy and the ones with low iq become 
politicians. this sensible procedure has proved to be highly 
successful. hairdressers are somewhere in the middle.

to get my licence back they will do some checking of mental and 
physical abilities. they don´t really check the iq, i was wrong. what 
is more effort is to make them believe that you will never take drugs 
again, because its your turn to prove that. therefore i need all this 
therapy stuff. in court its the other way round: the public prosecutor 
has to prove that youre guilty.

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