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<< My concern with methamphetamine abusers was the elevated heart rate and

entrenched psychotic behaviour.

It seems to me that ibogaine as an effective interrupter of opiate addiction

is a given, in most situations, but the effectiveness of ibogaine to

'interrupt' chronic methamphetamine abuse appears to not be as dramatic as

with opiates.

If there is a risk of ibogaine raising amphetamine levels in the brain, and

the 'self administered' is acting in an extremely psychotic and harmful

manner, what steps can  the 'care giver' take immediately ? >>

Ibogaine is not as dramatic in interrupting methamphetamine dependence as it 
is heroin dependence because there is no similar withdrawal signs seen with 
methamphetamine as with opioids and thus the very dramatic elimination of opioid 
withdrawal signs by ibogaine is absent with methamphetamine.

I anticipate that raised heart levels would be seen with active 
methamphetamine use.  If this is not the case then a cardiac disorder may exist.  Cardiac 
disorders are reason for the elimination of many patients from ibogaine 
therapy.  Additionally, drug dependence, adverse drug effects and psychotic symptoms 
are all distinct and may have to be dealt with in a distinct manner. If the 
subject to be treated is exhibiting psychotic symptoms that may or may not be 
associated with amphetamine use and/or cannot be depended on  to cease 
methamphetamine use long enough to be treated with ibogaine than I would only feel 
comfortable treating the patient in  a controlled environment.  A hospital would 
be great but, I guess that is non existent.  Has an EKG and blood chemistry 
including liver profile been obtained?  Is the patent HCV or HIV positive?  Any 
other medical disorders? Does the subject want to be treated with ibogaine?

How much amphetamine and by what route is it administered?  There are 
variables here that could result in a fatal reaction.  


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