[Ibogaine] 10 weeks out- dear Jeff

ekki ekkijdfg at gmx.de
Tue Jan 25 01:59:17 EST 2005

solarium is good against end-of-winter-depressions. but then you look 
like a roasted redneck.

> That's interesting what you say about Seratonin levels, cos for years 
> at the
> end of winter I'd usually be a depressive mess.  Managed to pull 
> myself out
> of it, cept for last winter.. it all went on a bit long plus other 
> dramas as
> well, so I'm on anti-depressants now (just mild ones..) and feeling 
> heapum
> better for it. I still don't want to go anywhere much, or do much but 
> I'll
> get there. Besides, if the govt wants to pay me for staying at home 
> I'll
> take it  at the moment!
> Cheers for the info on serotonin, anymore would be good.... like 5 HTP?
> Wassat?
> :o)
> Kirk

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