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....Ken chayco at island.net
Tue Jan 25 01:11:06 EST 2005

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> Great and even occasionally OZ like, Ima soddy sire Ken sir, but I canna
> you in your unsubscribe endevour.
>     But I think Vector may have steered youse in the correct and proper
> connect...correcti..direction I mean.
>     Any particular reason why you're spliting so soonly? Just curious and
> not judging or anything remotely like it, just curious..oh, wait a minute,
> just said that.
> Peace and love,
> Preston

Hi Preston,

Well, actually it was ....because.....well,  I really am quite
sensitive.....sniffle, sniffle and my feelings were hurt.

But, I figure ....wat da  'ell.....at least Preston has a bleedin' sense of
humour !

Ya know......I think it all comes down to that gawddamned pot smoking
business. I bet you it's those gawddamned pot smokers who have lost their
sense of humour. Now, junkies....well, what a fine group of irreverant and
......oh, oh, I think I am going to piss some people off . I'll just back up
a bit.


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