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> Ah come on Ken,
> Hang out.

Thanks Howard.

This site does does allow access to firsthand information not readily
available. I will remain awhile longer.
I just needed to learn which personalities are best left unruffled.

Dose regimens in treating methamphetamine dependence can be quite
> varied. Everything from the normal 15mg/kg  doses to prolonged regimens of
> 50mg to 150mg/day for a week or two or doses that are determined by the
> on an as needed basis as a substitute for amphetamine.  What has been seen
> some cases is that after a week or so the subject will lose interest in
> amphetamine.  Some issues of concern related to concurrent use and
toxicity of
> ibogaine and amphetamines and/or the issue of the subject remaining well
> are serious.  Lack of hydration may prove fatal. What is shown in both
> model research and human observations is that ibogaine will raise brain
> of amphetamine.  The inverse may also be true.  It is quite a crap shoot
> requires either knowledgeable drug users or knowledgeable doctors.  Both
> combination would be best.  Too bad we don't have an approved drug that
could be
> given to hundreds of methamphetamine users so we could begin to accumulate
> Howard

My concern with methamphetamine abusers was the elevated heart rate and
entrenched psychotic behaviour.
It seems to me that ibogaine as an effective interrupter of opiate addiction
is a given, in most situations, but the effectiveness of ibogaine to
'interrupt' chronic methamphetamine abuse appears to not be as dramatic as
with opiates.

If there is a risk of ibogaine raising amphetamine levels in the brain, and
the 'self administered' is acting in an extremely psychotic and harmful
manner, what steps can  the 'care giver' take immediately ?


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