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<< I suspect Preston is behind this......twiddling the levers like the great 

he may well be.

Free me Preston.......Freeeeee meeeee.


Ah come on Ken,

Hang out.  Dose regimens in treating methamphetamine dependence can be quite 
varied. Everything from the normal 15mg/kg  doses to prolonged regimens of 
50mg to 150mg/day for a week or two or doses that are determined by the patient 
on an as needed basis as a substitute for amphetamine.  What has been seen in 
some cases is that after a week or so the subject will lose interest in 
amphetamine.  Some issues of concern related to concurrent use and toxicity of 
ibogaine and amphetamines and/or the issue of the subject remaining well hydrated 
are serious.  Lack of hydration may prove fatal. What is shown in both animal 
model research and human observations is that ibogaine will raise brain levels 
of amphetamine.  The inverse may also be true.  It is quite a crap shoot and 
requires either knowledgeable drug users or knowledgeable doctors.  Both in 
combination would be best.  Too bad we don't have an approved drug that could be 
given to hundreds of methamphetamine users so we could begin to accumulate data.


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