Kirsty Sutherland captkirk at
Mon Jan 24 19:54:46 EST 2005

Man, I bet my new age ass that you used to (or still do..) get into heaps of
fights!!!!  It's ok to say it how you see it....but when it's just dumping
on someone for doing something you don't like it just seems like a total
waste of energy.  What did someones grammar used to say?  If you can't say
anything nice..... blah blah.....damn, whose granny was that??? abuse is 99.9% of the time purely in fun and jest (which does
get me into trouble specially with a lot of Americans.. the ones that have
no sense of humour and are offended by everything lol... no, no NOT you
Back to computer games....much better than dealing with people lol
Kirsty Dawn :o)

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