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> >>> And, frankly, if you take ibogaine and you're still cynical >>about
> >>> life, then
> >>> it's not working for you. Ibogaine is 100% anti-cynicism - >>really!
> 100%, Pure, unadulterated... Bullshit.
> no additives or preservatives, either.
> Virgin Bullshit.
> _.dh

Cynicism is a learned reaction to feelings. When the mind is too scared to
allow the free flow of feelings (sometimes justifiably) one of myriad
defences it has available is Cynicism. You become Cynical about things [hey,
I've heard all this before and it'll never work for me]. When the feelings
can flow the need for cynicism dissipates and you move more into the moment.
Ibogaine will most definitely bring on cynicism if this is someone's way of
keeping things down, if this is their mental orientation to dealing with
rising feeling. The drug tries to push feelings up and the mind sometimes
tries to push them back down. In this situation, if you move more toward
expression and emotional release the cynicism will move. That is, of course,
if the logic of this statement overwhelms the belief that it'll never work
for me.


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