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Nick Sandberg nick227 at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Jan 24 16:57:35 EST 2005

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> As I keep repeating my 'unsubscribe ibogaine' message to listserv, to no
> avail as yet and try to ignore the new messages in my inbox.....I finally
> gave in..
> I opened this singular post from the following, who I personally
> refer to as
> the 'sanctimonius pup'.
> I will take the time to clarify myself regarding my cynicism of the
> saccharine sentiments I see posted here.....being a product of
> the '60's we
> thought that 'we' invented alturism, free expression of feelings
> etc.......with reflection, it is evident that we were simply yet another
> generation egocentric enough to believe that we were 'special'. Countless
> times I have seen new age twaddle coming from people who often use these
> plattitudes to disarm others and obtain an advantage over them, be it
> monetarily, psychologically.....or simply to encourage their best friend's
> wife into removing her knickers.
> I am not saying Nick manufactures his saccharine sentiments for his own
> profits......hmmm, do you turn a few coins with ibogaine Nick ?
> Rise above me, dear Nick.....rise above
> oooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
> ;-)
>                                                     .....Ken

Ken, nice to hear from you. I make no money from ibogaine! I don't even have
any banners on my site. There's no money in this stuff, least not unless you
want to battle it out with lawyers, patents, and all that madness. Other
people are into those things. For me, it just intrigued me that a chemical
so revelationary was so close yet so far from the public. I thought "Wow,
this is really a situation here! This is something I want to be involved

And, besides all this, YOU ARE SPECIAL! And you can just take that
in.....................You don't have to put people in a box because they
say something nice to you and "He's just doing this to get this" and "She's
only this way because of so" - that's the mind fencing-in experience, all
this classification stuff, protecting itself. I'm sorry about your wife.
Guys are always trying to fuck my girlfriend. It's my fault, I'm attracted
to unbelievably cute women, and of course other guys want to fuck her.
Somewhere I set myself up for it, but I can't be bothered looking.

with love


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