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Nick Sandberg nick227 at
Mon Jan 24 16:38:31 EST 2005

Hey Jeff,

Cynicism isn't an emotion, it's just a way of dealing with feelings. I get
cynical when I think the world is too much for me, too much for me to
change. There are feelings, yes, and they get judged negative and positive,
and some are easier to share, and others it's like you feel no one will
accept you if you show you have them. Yes, and this goes on, ibogaine will
not change this. Probably make it worse!

Any use to you?


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> >>And, frankly, if you take ibogaine and you're still cynical
> >>about life, then
> >>it's not working for you. Ibogaine is 100% anti-cynicism - >>really!
> Nick>>
> Nick I am a bit cynical a bit frustrated a bit pissed off a bit
> grateful a bit tired a bit happy a bit sad do you think one ibo
> session is a cure all for negative emotions for the rest of ones life?
> just curious?
> Jeff
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