[Ibogaine] 10 weeks out- dear Jeff

Jeffgd1 at aol.com Jeffgd1 at aol.com
Mon Jan 24 14:53:13 EST 2005

>>My provider recommended 5-HTP, yoga or Tai Chi, and
>>well-balanced meals to stimulate production of
>>serotonin/endorphins.  Theses methods seem to be
>>helping.  But nothing can heal your body like the
>>passage of time>>.

>>I would almost recommend that you try a low-dose
>>session soon.  Do you have access to Ibo?  Would you
>>want to try another dosing?

hey Julie
 yes the methadone is tough-est!
I was thinking the same thing about another dosing BUT i almost feel like it would be a step back-in other words will i feel better after? or will it be another few weeks just to recover from the session and get back to where I am now.?? Anyone have any insight on this??
I do believe that time is a healer (doin just for you) and continue to look ahead but some nights if i could get "relief" i think i would
 It is key fro me to get back to work most days i feel like i can. I am a electrician on a large construction project and i went out on workers comp and then found that i had the opportunity to do the Ibo so the timing was great But once back i will not be able to take time off for another Ibo session ...though there is the good chance that i will be laid off and then out for another 8 weeks or so ( work picture is slow in nyc right now) so maybe just maybe i will...

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