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ekki ekkijdfg at gmx.de
Mon Jan 24 14:00:58 EST 2005

i had to give away my drivers licence last week due to being busted 
with c&h in december. at the townhall they strongly recommended to go 
to a counseler by a federal medical-psychological institute dealing 
with drivers licences(in germany TÜV-MPI). he should tell me what i 
have to do to get my licence back.

so today i rode the train to stuttgart, paid 85 euro and the 
´psychologist´ told me he is
               <personally shocked!>
and more such bullshit for 30 minutes. big fun. he believes i will be 
soon on drugs again and i take the whole thing too lightheartedly ;( i 
didn´t tell anything on ibogaine though.

go to a drug counseler, do a psychotherapy and join a 
self-help/12-steps group "for my own good"! then i need all this 
documented after a year. the worst thing is a screening for 12-15 
month, i.e. they can call me any time and i have to come and piss in a 
bottle within 48 hours. whenever i leave town for more than a day i 
have to inform them. if they only find thc once i have to start all 
over again.

if i´m lucky i can do a test in maybe 15 months, tell them that i´m 
really sorry <sob> for ever doing drugs, explain the grave and severe 
personal problems that got me on the wrong track, make clear why i´m 
stable now and why i will never ever touch any drug again.
also there will be tests on reaction time, concentration and iq, all 
designed for and by utter morons.
(the screening and the test are quite expensive, a therapy can be paid 
by insurance)
anyone in germany who underwent this procedure may contact me off-list.

never had an accident, never mixed drinking and driving.
i have to do the shopping and get the medication for my parents because 
they are both old and ill. but that doesnt count because to withdraw 
the licence is not to punish, it´s to protect the other road users from 
fucked up junkies.

not driving is great for enviroment!  what bothers me is that you are 
flushed down into a stupid system. they want to break your spine, make 
you regret what you dont want to regret and find some psychic "issues" 
to work on.

everbody is happy when youre a junky. you get to know all kinds of new 
people: doctors, nurses, lawyers, judges, public prosecutors, social 
workers, pushers, pharmacists, policemen, therapists. you help them 
make a living, but they dont help you. you are raising the gross 
national product. well big news every junky knows that. i´m just 
annoyed. they must do ibo. then they will believe me i´m off drugs and 
we will hug and hand each other flowers and  drivers licence smile and 
lift each other up into the light we will refuse to go to heaven 
without ken and love is the way.

cheers ekki

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