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  Yes, but you have to be lifted up too, Ken. For it is our way. Just because you appear to be some demented old shag-sack wanking all sorts of nonsense all over the place won't stop me. I refuse to go to heaven without you! Even if we have to go back to psychology lesson 1 - those who don't want to examine their own conflicts are condemned to forever try and create conflict around them - it matters not. You WILL be nice. And you WILL hug. And you WILL enjoy it. Yes, it WILL happen. For it is the Way. California uber alles.

  with love

  I trust the above was tongue in cheek humour......but hearing from some of you love/hugs and damnation folks,
  I think I will just take a pass. Anyone who wants to discuss ibogaine with me personally please feel welcome to email me directly.

                                             So long.......Ken

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