[Ibogaine] Hello

knowone knowwhere kn0m0n3 at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Jan 23 11:32:18 EST 2005

>but have lived in Texas
> more years than l like to admit.

Hey Jerry
know whatchya mean dood.
where are you at?

 --- jerry harville <jharville at sbcglobal.net> wrote: 
> how to obtain 



                  administer the proper
               > dose 

of        ibogaine hydrocloride    to 
> a long term 


   At this time I am taking a
  > dail y dose o f 400 mg MS Con tin along with 
  > benzos   an  hydro co.

           ---->Where does t h e ph ysical pain 
> end and the  psychogical pain begin\?

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