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Sun Jan 23 06:42:36 EST 2005

Hello to All, 
My name is Jerry and I am new to the list.I have been lurking a while.My goal it to learn more 
about how to obtain and self administer the proper dose of ibogaine hydrocloride to end 
a long term dependence. At this time I am taking a daily dose of 400 mg MS Contin along with 
benzos and hydrocodone. I am a chronic pain patient. I don't know where the physical pain 
ends and the psychogical pain begins. I have taken lots of mind expanding  drugs in my 
day. I started partying with them and ended up considering them as sacred. 
         I am greatful to have a list like this! I will be glad to answer any questions that will help 
you get to know me better. Please forgive in advance my poor spelling as my spell check is 
useless. I am from Detroit but have lived in Texas more years than l like to admit. Thanks 
in advance for all your input!  Jerry
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