[Ibogaine] patrik inna book!!!!!

Marcus aktionman at phantom.com
Sun Jan 23 05:49:16 EST 2005

> Luv the photograph of Richard Hell and Johnny Thunders!

Thanks. That right up there ^^^ is an excellent summary. You fill up
a message with angst about pimpin' junk's mystique, and close with,
"Richard Hell and Johnny Thunders!!!! They're soooooo fucked-up. How
cooL! <SwooN>" The end.<

hey....load dijjial!!!!

junk's mystique.....havent thought abou that inna long time. having
spent the '70s in marin co. (north side of golden gate bridge) that
image grabbed me hard. what a place to get seduced by that sweetheart
chasin' the dragon w/ garcia & others in the deadosphere.
nothin' heavy or evil........justtanother spice in the gumbo!!!
and always the shades......wear them night or day. like u board up the
windows to u'r soul. so no one will know.
sent shivers thru my spine just thinkin about it.
p, l, an u!!!!!


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