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Sun Jan 23 00:23:53 EST 2005

>   Perhaps a silly dialogue but what the hey.

Reading in my own message, I wondered if Ken has a friend on 
methamphetamine to whom he might recommend ibogaine. 

On Sat, 22 Jan 2005 18:33:54 -0800 walt denton 
<wally1 at willitsonline.com> wrote:
>Hi Nick,
>   Perhaps a silly dialogue but what the hey.  It was clear to me 
>when I read Ken's post that he was
>primarily interested in learning more about the efficacy of 
>ibogaine when used for drugs other than
>opiates and wanted to hear personal experiences or other pertinent 

>info.  Didnt seem mysterious.
>Not that he doesnt have unconscious reasons or motives as does any 

>participant but the gist of
>his message was clear to me.  It just seemed to me that by sort of 

>deconstructing his message
>line by line you managed to stir in confusion where there really 
>was none.  Appeared to me you
>were bored and having some fun.  
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>  From: Nick Sandberg 
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>  Sent: Saturday, January 22, 2005 1:00 PM
>  Subject: RE: [Ibogaine] free
>  Hi Walt,
>  I'm just trying to get a little clarity. Do you understand what 
>Ken is asking? I genuinely don't make sense of it.
>  Nick
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>    Nick,
>       Unless you have suffered  serious mental deterioration 
>since my last association with
>    the list a few years ago I KNOW you are not as obtuse as you 
>present yourself here.
>       Walt D.
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>          Subject: RE: [Ibogaine] free
>          Hey Ken,
>          I'm also having a little trouble understanding what your 

>needs are from the list. Are you presenting yourself as someone 
>seeking help, or someone offering it? Would you care to share more 

>about your ibogaine experiences, perhaps? My gut instinct, with 
>therapist hat on, is that you are seeking help but somewhere 
>unsure how to ask for it. 
>          Would love to hear more.
>          with love
>          Nick Sandberg  www.ibogaine.co.uk 
>          Hello Nick,
>          Yet another emotionally demonstrative person. 
>          Hey Ken,
>          Look, maybe it's me but I'm still have trouble following 

>exactly what it is you want. How about I go through it bit by bit 
>and you can set me straight if needed -
>          No, I am not seeking help. As mentioned in another post 
>I am an advocate of ibogaine and have been so for ten years.  
>          OK, this bit I get.
>           I have facilitated the use of ibogaine extract and 
>interested in first hand experiences with drugs other than 
>opioids.....which I have little experience. 
>          OK, so you've given ibogaine extract to people. Yes? And 

>you want to take drugs which are not opiates? Something you 
>haven't done much of before?
>            This interest is not for myself personally, 
>          Now I get confused. You don't want to take these drugs 
>for yourself? Is that right?
>            but whether it is appropriate to reccomend a person 
>with ....say, chronic methamphetamine use to self administer 
>          You want to gain experience from listening to other list-

>members about how suitable ibogaine is for various addictions? Is 
>this it?
>          Grateful for any more light, from yourself, or anyone 
>else if I'm simply missing something obvious here.
>          Hope you're doing good.
>          Nick 
>          This forum has changed considerably from its early 

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