[Ibogaine] ibongaine conference in february

Patrick K. Kroupa digital at phantom.com
Sat Jan 22 22:09:02 EST 2005

On Jan 22, 2005, at 10:03 PM, jon wrote:

>> Hi there,
>> i'd like to know if there are some recordings planned for the panels 
>> on
>> the ibogaine conference in february in new york. It would be really 
>> cool
>> to get some mp3' downloads from it.... Its a long way over the ocean..
> if there aren't plans to record it already, i could prolly rig up 
> something.
> patrick, dana, howard.... whatcha guys think?


I'll talk to you in the next coupla daze.

Lettuce do this.

Hum ... <thinking 'bout video>

Okay, fuck it ... let's Do sumthiN MagicaL.


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