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Nick Sandberg nick227 at tiscali.co.uk
Sat Jan 22 16:00:20 EST 2005

Hi Walt,

I'm just trying to get a little clarity. Do you understand what Ken is
asking? I genuinely don't make sense of it.

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     Unless you have suffered  serious mental deterioration since my last
association with
  the list a few years ago I KNOW you are not as obtuse as you present
yourself here.

     Walt D.
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        Hey Ken,

        I'm also having a little trouble understanding what your needs are
from the list. Are you presenting yourself as someone seeking help, or
someone offering it? Would you care to share more about your ibogaine
experiences, perhaps? My gut instinct, with therapist hat on, is that you
are seeking help but somewhere unsure how to ask for it.

        Would love to hear more.

        with love

        Nick Sandberg  www.ibogaine.co.uk

        Hello Nick,

        Yet another emotionally demonstrative person.

        Hey Ken,

        Look, maybe it's me but I'm still have trouble following exactly
what it is you want. How about I go through it bit by bit and you can set me
straight if needed -

        No, I am not seeking help. As mentioned in another post I am an
advocate of ibogaine and have been so for ten years.

        OK, this bit I get.

         I have facilitated the use of ibogaine extract and interested in
first hand experiences with drugs other than opioids.....which I have little

        OK, so you've given ibogaine extract to people. Yes? And you want to
take drugs which are not opiates? Something you haven't done much of before?

          This interest is not for myself personally,

        Now I get confused. You don't want to take these drugs for yourself?
Is that right?

          but whether it is appropriate to reccomend a person with ....say,
chronic methamphetamine use to self administer ibogaine.

        You want to gain experience from listening to other list-members
about how suitable ibogaine is for various addictions? Is this it?

        Grateful for any more light, from yourself, or anyone else if I'm
simply missing something obvious here.

        Hope you're doing good.


        This forum has changed considerably from its early years.


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