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  Ken. My name is Julian and I rarely write to the forum anymore but I do read it all the time. All I really wanted to say is Ibogaine can 'reprogram' our physical organ where the mind, soul, essence et al manifest theirselves. My experience convinced me that with virtually every known abused substance, Ibogaine can yield phenomenal success. The problem, though is too many people perceive this as 'The Panacea'. There are a wide assortment of treatments in our culture and they all work for somebody! It always comews down to the same shit though, and that is what you really want, what you expect from the treatment. Ibogaine is wonderful, but if you are not wholly committed to abstain from whatever drug you wish to delete from your life, it won't work. At best it will buy you some time, but I also believe with the proper guide(s) many haullucinogens could achieve similiar results. Ibogaine's main property is the reversal of the withdrawal syndrome, but beyond that, it is as effective as you wish it to be. 

          I don't know if I responded to your inquiry appropriately, but it is what it is! 


  Hello Julian,
  If Ibogaine can,as you believe, "cure virtually every known abused substance" I would like to hear some personal testimonies of some of the lesser known 'cures'.

  I certainly agre with you that ibogaine allows a 'window of opportunity' but it takes prolonged conviction to remain free of addiction. However, I feel that the chemical ingredients within tabernanthe iboga will render most consumers opiate dependent free (at least temporarily) whether they wish it to be or not.

  As for other hallucinogens having 'similar' therapeutic value...... hhmmmm. Certainly, for a someone new to hallucinogens there is a fuzzy little glow of self perceived increase in self absorbed 'conciousness' but in my experience....LSD/peyote/psilocybin is child's play comapared to Ibogaine.   

                               Good talking with you.......Ken             
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