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The waiting lists here are like 9months before you get treatment so I tried to use that time to use harm reduction-reduce the amount I was taking and reduce the actual number of times I had a dig per day.  Its hard.  You have to leave enough time for the H to leave your body before you take your Subutex-this may be where you went wrong before.  The general guidelines are 12hrs or when you know you are starting to rattle-you should feel bad but not dying if you know what I mean.  It helps to cuz then when it works you're so much more grateful!  I found the first 3 days rough when I first did it-tearful and rattley-its really good if you have a way of contacting your Doctor more personally if you do feel bad cuz they can up the dose or whatever.  Yet I've been through that routine lots of times since and have never felt bad.  It doesn't make you dopey like Meth.  I was on it a year and used H concurrently sometimes.  The best thing you can do is just Never allow yourself 'Just the one'  Whether there is WD is controversial.  I have decreased amount very quickly and not really noticed!  One time I was at 12mg a day and now its 1 or 2.  They are blockers anyway so doing gears pointless-you either don't feel it, only feel enough to make you want more and little else and you have to spend lotsa cash and risk ODing!

I reckon its the best thing the NHS is currently offering-its relatively painless but you do need to start thinking about how you're going to fill up that excess time?  Treat yourself to massages or hairdo's or horseriding or whatever makes you happy, with the money you would have been spending on gear!  I'm really glad I've the Uni work cuz I think of it when I'm bored and comedowny.  Try to avoid these states and any triggers like people, places, etc.  Get rid of ALL of your works.  (Don't leave one...just in case! ;-))  Do anything to make a new situation.  It is hard.  Try not to change over to another drug like when you're on a rebound.  Really give yourself a break and eventually the best thing for you could be a night out with a couple of drinks with a friend and all of as sudden you have a whole new set of clean friends!  That's how it went for me anyway.

I'll stop rambling now.  I'm no Doctor, these are just my experiences and I don't want you to have to make the same mistakes I did (like doing H and Sub for a year before I started using it properly, risking my script).  I hope I can help you evolve quicker!  I feel like a different person.  I started H at 19 and since 16 it had been drink and pills and before that I was a teenager.  I guess this 'different person' must be me!  I'm 24btw.

Anyway, ask ANYTHING and I hope I can help.

In a prefect world we'd have been able to do Ibogaine and the process would've been much quicker!

Love Hannah  
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  Hi Hannah

  how did you switch from h to the sub? what was it like? (I have done it before but took a large dose and went into severe withdrawals) I ask because i am planning to do this soon as the ibogaine treatment fell through.
  Love Donna
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