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  Hi Ken

  Thanks for that advice, I was due to be treated last sunday and it all fell through but originally i wanted to treat myself with my husband being there but most people advised against this, the main reason is from what i've heard about ibogaine i would rather be in my own home with some one i really trust.

  love donna

  Hi Donna,

  This may be unpopular.....but I generally support self administering with support. Take full responsibility for yourself.....it is your choice alone. You will require a support person, if only to pass you a glass of water. My wife sat beside me, and when it was her turn, I sat beside her.

  Be well read on the subject, have your general health checked and simply commit yourself. Anyone who studies addiction without ever have been a 'participant' will caution you of the 'potential risks' of ibogaine.....chronic drug users live with greater risks than ibogaine every bloody day......in my opinion.

                                         best regards.....Ken
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