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  Hi Ken

  Thank you for that, I have only heard of binge drinkers having the ibogaine.  Also what was it like when you had the ibogaine???, How did you feel afterwards? 
  Love Donna

  Hi Donna,

  Ibogaine is rather intense and quite exhausting.....In my case, nausea was a problem (only) if I moved.
  If I laid still it was intense and 'entertaining'.  Afterwards....physically, it took me several days to regain my usually feeling of 'narmalcy'. Psychologically, I was simply awed that I had NO taste for H. After seven years it was like getting rid of a houseguest that I had become to resent.

  I gather that you have not 'experimented' with ibogaine yet. For some it can be 'a one shot deal' but I believe it may depend on the depth of the addiction. Weaning off beforehand ,as best as you are able is a good idea, especially with methadone.  

                                                              take care.......Ken
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