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Hannah Clay hannah.clay at ntlworld.com
Fri Jan 21 15:09:30 EST 2005

:-)  I look forward to hearing it!  Still going good.  I'm coming off my
Subbies quite quick but havn't felt bad really. (Good!)  I think I'm gonna
get a Naltrexone script after (the clinic would sort it all out).  All I
know is it really helped my mate stay clean as he knew there was no point to
doing gear when he got cravings.  But then I know someone else who has the
implant and he just learnt he could get over its blocking capabilities!  I'm
gonna take the last 1mg down to nothing really slow though, stretching out
the days in between when I can't make it any smaller.  I've been on it a
year you see but I didn't always take it.  What do you lot think of

Just an example of how crap hospitals are-my psychiatrist as referred me
both to a Pschlogist and a Psychtherapist (apparently I havn't delt with
stuff from the past, bad things that happened to me, gear hid it)  But the
waiting lists are 1 year and 1 and a half years!!!  I do get counselling in
the meantime.

Shit i've just seen thw time!  Gotta go.  Good to hear your voice (?) Randy
Loads of love, hope and faith, Hannah.

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> Hannah, it is so good to see you back on the list. I was worried about
> Now you are giving me the happy ending I was looking for so I can finish
> lyrics for your song. It's kind of ballad rock with a twist. Keep up the
> work.     Randy
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