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  Hi Ken !
  You wrote 
  Well, for one thing.....I hope, to dear belzebub, you never says gawd bless to me again. Please note that belzebub is in lower case. ....also...please insert a smiley face here......and a bleedin' hug if necessary....see, Iam learning.

  * I don't wan,t with my blessing to bore ( in the sens of drilling ) the living shit out of you, as you will say :-)
  Infortunately for me , it's like an habit like people will say ; " have a good day !! " Even if I want absolutely to have a bad day, I can't stop the bleeding assholes of wishing me : Bonne journee . That used to pissed me off. It's like the fucking " Salam Aleikum " Peace upon you . Who told the freaking arabs that I wanted to have peace, anyway  ?/! 

  Is like when you put at the end of your E-mail ; Regards. That use realy to piss me off and ruin my day !!
  Regards:from the french regarder : consideration, kindly feeling, heed, to guard.

  It's almost like the Bless thing : to consacrate, make holy !
  I never understood why people have to wish me well. That was a mystery for me ...What about this persistence at wishing well to everybody and everywhere ?/!


  Allah Akbar !

  Now, that was a good post !    

  I quite appreciated it.

                                            Non lap fun dee  (pleasant dreams)

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