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Nick Sandberg nick227 at tiscali.co.uk
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Hey Ken,

I'm also having a little trouble understanding what your needs are from the
list. Are you presenting yourself as someone seeking help, or someone
offering it? Would you care to share more about your ibogaine experiences,
perhaps? My gut instinct, with therapist hat on, is that you are seeking
help but somewhere unsure how to ask for it.

Would love to hear more.

with love

Nick Sandberg  www.ibogaine.co.uk
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    Hi Ken
    Sorry to ask you this silly question , but
    What are you exactly expecting from this list ?

    God bless

    Hello Francis,

    Well, for one thing.....I hope, to dear belzebub, you never says gawd
bless to me again. Please note that belzebub is in lower case.
....also...please insert a smiley face here......and a bleedin' hug if
necessary....see, Iam learning.

    What I would like to discuss is pragmatic details of the use of ibogaine
in eliminating physical addiction and addictive behaviour regarding
opioids,alcohol and stimulants. As I have mentioned, I can wax poetic
regarding my own experiences regarding ibogaines radical success in
eliminating both my physical addiction as well as my addictive behaviour
(opiates)  however, I would like to hear of the unsuccessful attempts and
try to understand why.

    I would also like to hear first hand accounts of ibogaines effectiveness
with stimulants such as methamphetamine.

    Ibogaine is a rather fantastic chemical combination.


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